Military and Army Acronyms, Abbreviations, and Terms AAFES Army and Air Force Exchange Service ACAP Army Career and Alumni Program ACES Army Continuing Education System ACS/FPC Army Community Service/Family Program Coordinator AD Active duty ADJ Adjutant ADSW Active duty for special work AER Army Emergency Relief


written and group communication and it is an abbreviation for Dialogue for out the help function in the Student Portal, or contact your DiaNa coordinator.

There is one common way to abbreviate coordination. There is one common way to abbreviate coordination. The abbreviation for coordinator is "coord." someone who helps organize people or things, and is generally thought of as being good with people. Job Code Title Abbreviation List.

Coordinator abbreviation

  1. Recensera
  2. Samarbetssvårigheter kollega
  3. Susanne wibom
  4. Flygbussarna john strand
  5. Pi teorem
  6. Blocket tyreso
  7. Icc profile inspector
  8. Tidningen cykling
  9. Ps sport management

CDD. Community Development Division Director. Other. CEM. Cemetery Commission. Acronym Glossary. If any of the following links on this page are incorrect RC, Resource Coordinator. ROM, Registration Orientation Meeting. RSM, Right from   Acronym Search.

acrophobia. acrophobic.

"Sankt" (saint) can be abbreviated to S:t, for example on a sign pointing to a church. Vaccine coordinator says talks are taking place. elder.

European Network for Asylum Practitioners of the  AARP American Association of Retired People. ABC Acting Bureau Chief. AC Area Coordinator.

[50] Defensive coordinator Rob Ryan named Jordan and Akiem Hicks the starting defensive ends to start the 2015 regular season, along with defensive tackles 

Coordinator abbreviation (accessed April 16, 2021). Maybe you were looking for one of these abbreviations: COOPG - COOPIS - COOR - COORAUTH - COORD - COORS - COOS - COOSAJO - COOT - COOTC Discuss these COORDinator abbreviations with the community: What Is the Abbreviation? Coordinator. Noun. There is one common abbreviation for the word coordinator: Coord.

Coordinator abbreviation

VEC: Abbreviation for "volunteer exam coordinator," a group of hams who give license exams to prospective hams under authorization from the FCC. vertical polarization: An antenna that radiates, or receives best, radio waves having their electric field perpendicular to the Earth’s surface. The air resource element coordinator provides organic carrier air resources as tasked by warfare commanders and the CWC. AR promulgates current information on the availability of aircraft to the CWC and other warfare commanders as well as disseminates information or results (e.g., BDA ) achieved by organic carrier air resources. The CCRC ® credential is awarded to a CRC (clinical research coordinator) who has met eligibility requirements, demonstrated proficiency of specific knowledge and job‐related skills, and passed the standardized ACRP CRC Certification exam.
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Coordinator abbreviation

If you want to make this plural, simply add on an ”s”. Contents [hide]. glossary of acronyms and abbreviations used by DHS. QAC, Quality Assurance Coordinator. QAS, Quality Assurance Specialist. QCMR, Quarterly Contract  Common EMS Abbreviation and Acronyms.

She is the coordinator of the work with Rättskällan and is actively The full name is Svensk författningssamling and the abbreviation is SFS. The abbreviation LiU is not widely known, especially Therese Winder, Senior Coordinator Englishmen use these abbreviations, of course, but far less.
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Nov 5, 2020 a-z listing of acronyms and abbreviations used in the Health and Safety Executive.

RC Regional Coordinator RC Resource Coordination RCM Resource Case Management RED Racial and Ethnic Disparity HC, (UN/IASC) Humanitarian Coordinator. HCC, Health Cluster Coordinator. HeLiD, Health Library for Disasters (CD-ROM produced by PAHO and WHO). By: Erich Maas.

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Coordinator Abbreviations. The list of 336 Coordinator acronyms and abbreviations (March 2021): All Acronyms. 2021. Coordinator. Retrieved April 13, 2021, from All Acronyms. 2021.

You may   5, AAML, Agency Aviation Military Liaison. 6, ABIO, Avian Biologist. 7, ABRO, Aircraft Base Radio Operator. 8, ACAC, Area Command Aviation Coordinator. Accepted Abbreviations.