Voat was founded as a neutral free-speech platform. After alt-right extremists were booted off reddit, they found a new home there. The site was bombarded by /pol/ chan culture, and after that nobody else of other political persuasions really wanted to join.


The subreddit r/jailbait, devoted to suggestive or revealing photos of underage girls, was one of the most prominent subreddits on the site before it was closed 

I think a lot of people "fled" to Voat not simply because "the subreddit dedicated to harassing fat people was closed" but that other hateful subreddits like coontown and SRS were not. It's not easy to define what harassment is in a lot of cases, but whilst I'm not going to mourn fatpeoplehate, I am totally put off by nebulous and inconsistent rules about where harassment begins and ends. 2008-11-05 · It is bad enough that I have to take my shirt off which forces me to spend 75 bucks on 2 gallons of sunscreen to cover my back. Now I have to fake as if I enjoy rocking back and forth in a boat in 105 degree weather.

Fat people hate voat

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Poor fat people. I especially hate the part about feminists. Whatever ignorant dumbass wrote this article can go fuck themselves. This is coming from a fit woman. October 31, 2015 Kay. Fat people may not necessarily be evil, good, or what have you. But they sure are not taking GOOD CARE of their own selves. If I were to guess, James was about 350 to 400 pounds (158 - 181 kg) and about 6'2 (188 cm).

You aren't thicc, you are obese.

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While I’m certainly no Doctor, psychologist or have any greater insight into the human brain than anyone else, I have always gotten the feeling that people hate overweight people more so than any other social ‘misifit’, is because we control our own body weight.. Therefor its deemed our own fault for being heavy which apparently gives them a Precisely how mean had been Fat People Hate? It's hard to explain to you the venom of FPH as the articles are actually gone.

History of Fat People Hate. The FPH subreddit started around early 2013 as an offshoot of /r/fatlogic/. Fat Logic mocks the lunacy and delusions of morbidly obese people. The subreddit FPH managed to grow from a small subreddit to one of the bigger ones on the website.

Fat people hate voat

The rules on voat.co state Fat People Hate, or r/fatpeoplehate, is what's called a subreddit — a specific section of the larger website. That concept can be kind of confusing to people who don't regularly venture onto 1,144 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from ‘fatpeoplehate’ hashtag These fat-asses don't consider that their words will either fall on deaf ears, make themselves look like complete retards, and even give moar reason to hate fat people even more. User infighting One of the particularly lulzy part of the subreddit is watching the circlejerking and infighting between users, which end up boiling down to Reddit banned a subreddit dedicated to being awful to overweight people, so Redditors are being awful to fat people all over the site as a show of protest. Swiss-based Voat, started in April 2014, allows users the kind of unfettered, uncensored posting freedom Reddit had before it decided, as Forbes' Emma Woollacott put it, that homophobia, racism For example, the now-banned subreddit called ‘ Fat People Hate ’ reconstituted itself on Voat under the same name and has 43,492 subscribers. That’s the perfect example of what separates Reddit from Voat. Voat users like to claim their right to post anything and not meddle or censor content unless it is illegal.

Fat people hate voat

Then we started to count the reasons for our hatred. Mostly it was because of the excuses. They blame their girth on bad genes or big bones.
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Fat people hate voat

nunFamous · Deviantart, Fiktiva Figurer · DeviantartFiktiva Figurer  Best Exercise to Eliminate Side Fat and Build Sexy Obliques. Transform Fitspo Ah yes the negotiator. Voat.inQuotes Most people hate changes.

Topics Books. If Americans fat people talk about how much they love their bodies but can't even look at a thin person without having a mental breakdown. pathetic Anonymous 04/17/21(Sat)14:30:08 No. 61000533 11 Jun 2015 Swiss-based Voat provides a more hospitable environment for haters after Reddit's ban on subreddits that actively promote harassment. 15 Jun 2015 Swiss clone site buckling under influx of new users seeking a 'censorship-free' experience after Reddit banned five subreddits.
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Content is sometimes linked from mental health support forums and websites and members on voat.com/v/fatpeoplehate mock them. This is simply unacceptable and i argue that fatpeoplehate causes a legitimate safety concern by targeting such people who may potentially be hurt from being mocked in such a way. The rules on voat.co state

At approximately 2pm EST on Wednesday, June 10th 2015, admins released this announcement post, declaring that a prominent subreddit, r/fatpeoplehate (details can be found in these posts, for the unacquainted), as well as a few other small ones (r/hamplanethatred, r/trans_fags*, r/neofag, r/shitniggerssay) were banned in accordance with reddit's recent expanded Anti-Harassment Policy. Fat insults can be funny, but you have to be careful, You're so fat, you have to strap a beeper on your belt to warn people you are backing up. 288. 103.

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11 Sep 2017 It seems like just the other day that Reddit finally banned a handful of its most hateful and deplorable subreddits, including r/coontown and 

It legitimately didn't make sense to me. After the ban, I tried many ways to get back into hating fat people. I was on voat for a while but eventually didn't take too well to the site, so I didn't visit as often, although I would check in every The bottom line: On Voat, sticky issues like "social justice" won't interfere with the inalienable right to be, as one user puts it, "serious, serious d***s." But those who have left Reddit in the wake of the FatPeopleHate ban will have to wait at least a bit longer until they can congregate at a new site. You aren't thicc, you are obese.